About the Author

Gideon Karting has been a stalwart of the music industry for more than twenty years. He started this career as a concert billposter and in the years that followed developed into one of the Netherlands’ top concert promoters. In his work for Mojo Concerts and LiveNation he promoted all the Dutch shows of a wide range of leading artists, including Lady Gaga, Adele, One Direction, Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars, and BTS. For many years he was also the programme director of major festivals such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, and Pinkpop.

Karting’s insider view of the music industry, his dry sense of humour and sardonic outlook, have finally found their expression in a book: Never Work With Your Idols. Karting shares all the fruits of his experience in an amusing but practical guide, taking his readers on a journey through the music industry and all its wealth of stories. With the help of his 35 Commandments, aspiring music professionals will most certainly learn how to make a successful career in this sector. Never Work With Your Idols is essential reading for people starting out in the industry and a real nostalgia trip for seasoned insiders.